Banket, Congress, Seminar and Dealers Meeting Organizations

Gatherings for products, trademarks, service presentations, instructions, education and brain storming are some of the reasons behind these organizations. Attendants would be not only from Turkey but also around the World. These meetings could take days with several sessions. In the end a gala dinner is prepared.

As Coverside Production we provide our service for these organizations. We plan every detail of you meetings.

What we offer;

  • Design, printing and distribution of invites, banners and Inserts
  • Preparation and distribution of promotional products
  • Accommodation and trip planning
  • Greeting, transfer and hotel allocations
  • Cocktail, coffee break and gala dinner options
  • Flag, Balloon, pennant and fabric decorations
  • Working crew
  • Show, dance group and entertainment options
  • Mehteran, Bando, Artist and orchestra options
  • Runway and stage system
  • Sound& lights and Truss installation
  • Laser, Led Screen, Projection and Plasma units
  • Confetti, Vulcan and fireworks
  • Photo – video shootings and Jimmy Jib