Graphic Design

Graphic design means for some, creative imagination and creating colors, characters and shapes. For others it means mathematical calculations and thinking. Those to opinions are correct. If we want to define graphic design; It is one of branches of art which evolved itself from the beginning of the human era and renewing itself with human imagination.

It is one of the musts in our lives. With graphic design corporal thinking and identity comes first to mind.

What we offer for your establishment;

  • Logo design and application
  • Insıgne design and application
  • Legal Document designs (Bills, consignment bills, stamps, shipment, note of expenses, Collection and Payment Receipt, Accounting Forms, Offer and Receipt of Orders, Personnel service bills)
  • Stationary products design (Business Cards, Letterhead, diplomat envelopes, pouch envelopes, flipcard, Invitations and Greeting Cards, File, promotion file with pocket, Cd Sticker and Envelope)
  • Ad designs (Catalogs, e-catalogs, brochures, magazines and Publicity Release, Flyer, Poster, certificate of appreciation, congratulation and honor, sticker, newspaper and magazine advertisements, check receipt, menu, reservation cards, canvas banner, flag and pennant, rollup, front and back dais design, stand billboard, on-wall ads, vehicle ads)
  • Promotion designs ( agenda, calendar, desk calendar and desk pad, block note, cubic block note, clock, keychain, mousepad, food serving plate, napkin, dish and glass plate)
  • Clothing designs (hat, t-shirt, dicky)
  • Signboard designs (outer signboard, welcome board, direction boards, division boards, door boards)
  • Package designs ( Box, parcel, bag, nylon bag, product and price labels)
  • Visuals for presentations (letterheaded word, mail introduction)

Institutional identity is the market face of corporations, companies and establishments. Logo design is the first designing step of institutional identity by taking the fields of activity of the company into consideration.

As Coverside Production, we can design your establishments institutional identity and other graphical needs. Please check our website for detailed information;