Social Media Advertisement and Management

Did you know that social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Youtube visited more often than news sites? And also instead of phone call, post, sms and e-mail, people tend to use social media more?

Establishments using social media for like live support, starting new campaigns and contest, they offer much closer relationship to their customers and potential customers.

You can present you product with new social website accounts and inform you customers and potential customer about your services.

We offer you our social media services, to create accounts and manage them. We share new information on specific days and time frames to higher the view counts. We create an online face of your company for your customers.

As Coverside Production we offer our social media and advertisement management service in Antalya region and in Turkey. Contact us if you want to become stronger in social media with our support.

What we offer;

  1. Account creation and management
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Youtube
  6. Campaign forming and management
  7. Facebook
  8. Twitter
  9. Instagram
  10. Youtube

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